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Herbert the Hedgehog - Autumn Day

Herbert the Hedgehog - Autumn Day
ISBN: 9781999934316
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Autumn has arrived, and Herbert and his friends decide to help his Mum and Dad collect leaves so they can make up the beds for their long winter sleep.

But it’s very windy so collecting leaves isn’t as simple as it should be - especially with Herbert involved!


Herbert the Hedgehog made his first literary appearance in 1984 with a series of three books published by Sedgelock Books, before being picked up by Hippo Books – part of Scholastic – in 1986 for another series. The books were a huge success, selling tens of thousands of copies and leading to the release of a Herbert Audio collection from Tempo Music, and narrated by Miriam Margolis.

Herbert also made a special appearance in Herbert the Hedgehog Goes to Sea – a story specially commissioned by the RNLI, which sold 25,000 copies through their mail order catalogue.

Now the original author and illustrator, John Kelham and Ron Rigby, have woken Herbert from hibernation and created a series brand new adventures to appeal to a new generation of readers.