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Sex & Lovers: A Practical Guide

Sex & Lovers: A Practical Guide
ISBN: 9780906506288
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According to the National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles, half of all UK teenagers have their first sexual experience by age 14, but most are lacking in the knowledge and information that would allow them to navigate safely this exciting part of their lives.

Sex & Lovers exposes the deceits of pornography and talks about common fears and pressure to perform. With an engaging text, it poses and answers a host of questions with honesty: Is there more than one way to masturbate? How do I recognise STDs? Does the withdrawal method work? What does sperm taste like? Are my breasts normal? Does it mean my partner doesn’t care when he falls asleep after sex? And many, many more.

Starting from the idea that everyone has an innate ability to become sexually aroused, but sexuality has to be learned, the authors encourage first-hand experience right from the outset, and advise young people on how to recognise their own feelings, desires and boundaries and those of their partners in a context of tenderness, safety and fun.

Specially commissioned photographs show real couples having real sex. What comes across in these authentic images is a powerful sense of the closeness and intimacy of sexual partnership, the opposite of the voyeuristic images purveyed by pornography. Elegantly designed graphics, integrated with the text, cover many topics from reproductive biology to modern fashions in shaving body hair.