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A Child's Garden of Verses

A Child's Garden of Verses
ISBN: 9781595722638
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Continuously in print since it was first published in 1885 (under the title Penny Whistles) this is a collection of 65 cherished poems for children, including classics such as:

  • Bed in Summer
  • Foreign Children
  • My Shadow
  • The Lamplighter
  • The Land of Counterpane
  • The Swing
  • …and almost 60 more

Beautifully illustrated by Brian Wildsmith.


Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-1894) was a Scottish poet, essayist, and travel writer, famous for Treasure Island, Kidnapped, and The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

Brian Wildsmith (b.1930) was raised in a small mining village in Yorkshire, where, he says, “Everything was grey. There wasn’t any colour. It was all up to my imagination. I had to draw in my head...”

He won a scholarship to the Slade School of Fine Art where he studied for three years. He has deservedly earned a reputation as one of the greatest living children’s illustrators. In 1962, he published his first children’s book, ABC, for which he was awarded the Kate Greenaway Medal