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Barcelona: Modern Design & Architecture
Since the early 1990’s, Barcelona has been undergoing a complete makeover in terms of architectur..
Barcelona: Monumental Guide
Barcelona is a spectacular city filled with architectural gems – some well known, others to be fo..
Best Practices in Sustainable Building Design
This unique book and DVD is an interactive learning environment composed of seven content areas: ..
Bio Architecture
To create truly sustainable architecture, architects and designers must take into account not onl..
Bioclimatic Architecture
Bioclimatic design is a cutting edge architectural concept where the use of energy, water, and co..
Building & Light
Light is one of the most important aspects of design that architects must consider when creating ..
digital.material presents four projects developed at CITA (Centre for IT and Architecture at the ..
Efficiency Buildings: Bioclimatic Architecture
One of the greatest challenges facing architects today is how to combine environmentally friendly..
Energy & Ecology New Apartments
Energy & Ecology New Apartments explores a selection of cutting edge apartment building proje..
This gloriously illustrated volume provides a showcase for the latest design trends in ephemeral ..
Green in Green: Sustainable Architecture
This book presents readers with a detailed analysis of the advantages (and disadvantages) of gree..
Hylozoic Ground
The Hylozoic Ground experimental architecture series, developed by architect Philip Beesley, and ..
Residential for the Elderly
Residential for the Elderly provides an in-depth exploration the most innovative projects of cont..
Retail Spaces
In recent years, commercial spaces have undergone considerable innovative and creative developmen..
Self Sufficient Green Architecture
Luis de Garrido is an award-winning architect and visiting Professor at MIT, and is renowned for ..
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Slats Facades
The facade represents a building’s outer skin, and it is through this outer skin – the design, ch..
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