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Blue & White

Blue & White
ISBN: 9781604688689
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Join expert quiltmaker Laurie Simpson and acclaimed rug hooker Polly Minick on a journey of inspiration and inventive ideas. Explore a matchless collection of stunning quilts, magnificent hooked rugs, and a treasury of one-of-a-kind textiles showcased in a variety of settings, from classic and coastal to Americana. Inspired vignettes are filled with ideas for highlighting textiles that will be right at home with your decor.

You'll find it all in blue and white: clever decorating tips to bring a breath of freshness to your personal style, rich full-colour photographs demonstrating the authors' advice for curating and decorating with textiles, insight on adding diversity to a two-colour palette, and a stunning collection of one-of-a-kind quilts, rugs, and textiles you won't see anywhere else.


“Polly and Laurie have collected a tasteful and stylish group of quilts and rugs that should inspire makers and decorators everywhere.”

- Kaffe Fasset, textile designer and fibre artist


“Polly and Laurie have a keen sense of colour and a timeless style that puts them at the top of the list of folk-art and traditional designers. Moda Fabrics is proud to have them as one of our top design teams”

- H. Mark Dunn, Presdient, Moda Fabrics & United Notions