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London Book Fair 2017

Roundhouse Group will be attending the London Book Fair 2016, 14-16 March 2017.

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February 24, 2017   No Comments

Review: Sock-Yarn Accesories


We’re a huge fan of sock yarn here at Let’s Knit (keep an eye out for our next Summer of Socks series) and Jen has let her imagination fly with this collection of creative patterns. Featuring techniques ranging from cables to Fair Isle to lace, you’re sure to find a pattern to put that gorgeous skein of sock yarn in your stash to very good use.

The Bookshelf: Let’s Knit  | March 2016

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£21.99 pb | 9781604687057 | MARTINGALE

April 5, 2016   No Comments

Review: Pat Sloan’s Teach Me to Sew Triangles


If you’re a fan of triangle quilts, then you’re in for a treat with Pat Sloan’s ode to the three-sided shape: Teach Me to Sew Triangles. While most of us stick to the faithful HST, Pat shows us twelve more ways to create triangle units, along with a handy cheat sheet to stick on your design wall for mid-project help. And if that wasn’t enough, Pat also provides twelve projects which are perfect for testing your new skills.

Good Reads: Love Patchwork & Quilting  | Issue 33, 2016

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£24.99 pb | 9781604687057 | MARTINGALE

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London Book Fair 2016


Roundhouse Group will be attending the London Book Fair 2016, 12-14th April.

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March 18, 2016   No Comments

Press Release: Mosaic Press


Roundhouse Group is pleased to announce that we will be representing and distributing Canadian publisher Mosaic Press as from 1st January 2016.

Mosaic Press, one of Canada’s leading publishers, is celebrating its 40th Year in Publishing. It has published over 500 original titles, has sold foreign rights to 36 countries around the world, and publishes 15-20 titles each year.

Mosaic Press publishes original titles in genre fiction, including crime/mystery, fantasy, erotic fiction, series fiction, as well as literary fiction; fiction in translation; current affairs, social studies and international relations; biography and memoirs; music and theatre.

Roundhouse Group, which will be celebrating 25 years in business this February, is a sales, marketing and distribution provider in the UK & Europe. A 2015 industry-specific study rated us as “strong” and included in many categories of outstanding performance in the UK book publishing industry.

January 5, 2016   No Comments

Review: Cathedrals and Churches of Europe


If you don’t have a coffee table, do get one! You’ll certainly need one to give pride and place in your home to ‘Cathedrals and Churches in Europe’ by Dr Barbara Borngässer, Rolf Toman and Achim Bednorz, a large format book from publishers HF Ullman.

With over 500 illustrations, this marvellous book takes us on a journey throughout Europe’s most beautiful and magnificent sacred buildings. Arranged by country and region, there is a chapter for eleven important area of Europe. Europe has a lot of church buildings, and even for a book this large, the choice of areas covered is inevitably limited. It is also at times a touch arbitrary. For example, the chapter on England’s Medieval Cathedrals heads no further north than Lincoln. But these are minor criticisms.

With beautiful photographs by Achim Bednorz, the book shows in great detail the stunning richly ornamented ceilings, lead glass windows, colourful carpets, solid stone walls and other architectural features. The accompanying country maps are useful for any armchair church crawler and for anyone wanting to plan a visit to see Europe’s churches and cathedrals for themselves.

Friends of the National Churches Trust | Autumn 2015

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£39.95 hb | 9783848006908 | H.F. ULLMANN

November 20, 2015   No Comments

Frankfurt Book Fair 2015


Roundhouse Group will be attending the Frankfurt Book Fair, 14-18 October 2015.

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October 9, 2015   No Comments

Review: The Very British Rules of Dating


“Hailed as ‘the posh version of Carrie Bradshaw’, Lady Lara Asprey is no stranger to the delicate world of British romance – the etiquette guru is a dating and relationship expert, columnist and matchmaker to the stars. Her new book is an entertaining read, offering tips and tricks on how to navigate the minefield of finding the perfect fella. If you’re a baffled Brit when it comes to courting, this little gem may well be the answer to your prayers.”

Four stars

OK Magazine | AUGUST 2015

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£9.99 pb | 9781910869017 | SO VAIN

August 17, 2015   No Comments

Review: Tom Thorneval

Dream Merchant Extraordinaire

“Tom is a down-to-earth narrator, and his dream making is as clever as Roald Dahl’s in The BFG (1982). His adventures are also reminiscent of traveling through Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland, and the driving later subplot of the book, in which a rival dream maker tries to eliminate his competition by stealing from Tom and setting him in harm’s way, ends well.

Although the book is the first in a planned series, the story feels complete and self-contained. It also includes QR codes to play the music included in the book, which is a nice touch for readers with the proper technology.”


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£7.99 pb | 9781910032138 | WIVERN DIGITAL

August 6, 2015   No Comments

Review: Welcome Baby


“This is a compilation of previously published cot quilts. The 9 quilts are easily pieced, one has appliqué. There are useful tips for using spray starch and preparing the backing fabric.

They are colourful quilts with clear instructions, diagrams and photos.”


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£10.99 pb | 9781604685732 | MARTINGALE

August 6, 2015   No Comments