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Review: Cathedrals and Churches of Europe


If you don’t have a coffee table, do get one! You’ll certainly need one to give pride and place in your home to ‘Cathedrals and Churches in Europe’ by Dr Barbara Borngässer, Rolf Toman and Achim Bednorz, a large format book from publishers HF Ullman.

With over 500 illustrations, this marvellous book takes us on a journey throughout Europe’s most beautiful and magnificent sacred buildings. Arranged by country and region, there is a chapter for eleven important area of Europe. Europe has a lot of church buildings, and even for a book this large, the choice of areas covered is inevitably limited. It is also at times a touch arbitrary. For example, the chapter on England’s Medieval Cathedrals heads no further north than Lincoln. But these are minor criticisms.

With beautiful photographs by Achim Bednorz, the book shows in great detail the stunning richly ornamented ceilings, lead glass windows, colourful carpets, solid stone walls and other architectural features. The accompanying country maps are useful for any armchair church crawler and for anyone wanting to plan a visit to see Europe’s churches and cathedrals for themselves.

Friends of the National Churches Trust | Autumn 2015

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£39.95 hb | 9783848006908 | H.F. ULLMANN

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