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Review: Sex & Lovers

A Practical Guide

Would you let your child read this book?
Sex education in schools is outdated. An explicit new manual, Sex & Lovers, is the real deal for the digital era, argues Katie Glass.

If you are offended by pictures of hipsters necking, look away now. If you would rather get through today without viewing a selection of soft-focus photographs showing tattoo-covered twenty-somethings having sex, if you don’t want to hear the words porn or boobs and you could happily end the day without ever knowing what latex sheets and love swings can do for you, then turn the page, there is nothing here for you.

You are also unlikely to want to discuss Sex & Lovers: A Practical Guide, an explicit new book that is reinventing sex education for internet-age children.

It would be a pity if you ignored it, however, because this is a book worth talking about. It is being marketed as an antidote to the grotesque online pornography that children are being exposed to from an early age.

Sex & Lovers is a guide to the birds and the bees that some people may think is so pornily graphic that it may as well have been co-authored by Ann Summers and Peter Stringfellow, with Hugh Hefner and Terry Richardson helping out on illustrations.

Written by a Danish sexologist and first published in Germany, it is filled with the kind of images that teenagers once saw only if they managed to snag a copy of Penthouse or steal their mother’s Better Sex Guide. It tells sex like it is. And then some. And then a bit more.
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